Comp & Promotion

Every new agent starts at a 60% commission level, a “starting contract.” Raises occur in 5-point increments every 2 months (eligibility based on production), up to 110%. Agents are direct-deposited daily by insurance carriers. Once a commission raise is attained, it will never decrease!


As you grow within the commission structure, you may also qualify to advance within Symmetry’s leadership. In addition to set criteria, leadership roles must be approved by mentors.


Agents at every commission level can qualify for bonuses and other incentives with both Symmetry and individual carriers based on personal and agency volume. The bonus structure is outlined in-depth in the Agent Handbook.


  • Don’t set your sights lower than what you need for your next raise! Keep track of requirements and and alert your mentor when you’ve qualified – Neither Symmetry nor your mentors will track this for you!
  • Once a raise has been approved by Symmetry, it can take carriers up to 3 weeks to update your commission level.
  • To qualify for promotion, you cannot count more than 50% of your total volume from a single “leg” of your team. Consult the Agent Handbook and reach out to your mentor if you have questions about how this works.
  • Certain carriers or products occasionally pay differently than your SFG commission rate, taking factors into account like client age, face amount, or product type. Consult the Carrier Commission Rates for specifics.
Carrier Commission Rates