Plug In!

Conference calls and leadership meetings are the foundation of plugging into the SFG system. Be sure to add these calls to your schedule and don’t miss them!

Conference Call Schedule

Day/TimeCall NameNumberAccess Code
Mon. 10:00 AM ESTNational Training Call(701) 801-1220497-968-958#
Wed. 12:00 PM ESTNational Builders Call (agency builders only)(701) 801-1220497-968-958#
Wed. 1:00 PM ESTSFG National Call(701) 801-1220497-968-958#
Thurs. 4:00 PM ESTMartin Master Agency Zoom CallZoom RoomMeeting Code: 778 836 819
Fri. 12:00 PM ESTLeadership Meeting (weekly)/
Boot Camp (last Friday of each month)

If you’re local to or visiting Asheville, NC, meetings are held at 16 Regent Park Blvd. Come join us!

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