Lead Credits

  • Lead credit requests on 3a, 2a, 1a, or 50 cent leads will not be accepted– unless it’s for a duplicate lead.
  • Credits on A leads, 5a leads, and 4a leads may be given a credit for the following reasons: disconnected phone numbers, duplicate leads, leads that fall outside of the targeted geographical area, and non-English speaking leads (in most areas). *NOTE* Leads submitted due to a language barrier or bad phone number are subject to investigation to prove the accuracy of the credit reason. Leads submitted for credit due to false reasons will result in earning 1 point on the agents account. The accumulation of 3 points will result in the removal of the agents ability to submit lead credits requests.
  • Lead credits must be requested within 30 days of receiving the lead.
  • Leads with missing phone numbers and leads with both clients over the age of 80 (Mortgage) and age 85 (Final Expense), are automatically given as free leads, so no credits are necessary. Final Expense A leads with missing phone numbers are charged at half price.

For instructions on how to request a lead credit in OPT!, please see the document below: