Join SFGsource & GroupMe

It can take up to 72 hours for the home office to process your application. Watch your email to receive log-in credentials for sfglife.com and OPT! 

While we wait, let’s get connected!
Create an SFGsource account. This is our individual agency’s resource page for training materials,  personal development, and event updates. It’s useful, but it doesn’t take the place of Symmetry’s website or direct mentorship with your team!


Next, download GroupMe to your mobile device.

For team-level chat, including dial numbers, APV, questions, announcements, and fun stuff from the field!

(Download, then ask your mentor to be added to our chat)

Now is a good time for a conversation with your mentor to game-plan the consistent schedule, resources, and timetable that will get you to the profitability you want!


Let’s keep rolling!

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