How to Get an Indiana Insurance License

Indiana Department of Insurance Testing Provider (PAN)
(317) 232-2413 (877) 449-8378
http://www.in.gov/idoi Register at https://secure.vitapowered.com/idoi/login.screen

1. Schedule and Pass a Licensing Exam

Making Exam Reservations

Licensing exams are provided by PAN (Performance Assessment Network). An exam fee must be paid at the time of reservation by credit card or debit card. All reservations need to be made at least seven days (five business days) before the desired exam date. You can make an exam reservation online https://secure.vitapowered.com/idoi/login.screen. For help with the online registration, send an email to IDOI_Support@panpowered.com or call Technical Support at 877-449-8378.

Remember the login and password that you use to register for your exam; you will need it when you arrive at the testing center.

What to Bring

A current form of identification:

  • A state or federally-issued ID containing a current photo and signature that exactly matches the name used to register for the examination
  • Your registration login and password

You will be required to present a copy of your pre-licensing education Certificate of Completion to be admitted to the exam.

Exam Procedures

  • Report to the test center at least 10 minutes before the exam to allow time to verify your identification and allow time for you to sign in
  • Only keys and wallets are allowed into the testing room; no other personal items are allowed
  • Calculators are not necessary, but scratch paper will be provided

Exam Format

  • Each major line exam is given in a multiple-choice format.
  • The passing score varies depending on which exam you are taking.
  • Your examination will be graded immediately upon submission
  • At the end of your test, you will receive a printed score report. The report indicates your overall score and grade, including the numerical percentage of questions answered correctly, and whether you passed or failed
  • Exam results are transmitted electronically to the Department
Indiana Exam Information
Exam Name Exam Time Total Questions Passing Score 
Life Only Producer 1 hr 20 min 80 66%
Life, Accident & Health Producer 2 hrs 40 min 160 67%

2. Apply for a License

After passing the exam, apply for your license by completing an application at http://www.nipr.com.